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If you know anybody with suicidal thought or had tried it before and is looking for a
dietary supplement to address the brain chemical imbalance,
please have them try


" My wife had the aggressive form of Luekemia, your plant saved her. Her white blood cell count is 11.8.
Thank you very much.

Mr. Landis, Missouri


" I had deep depression when I was 19 years old. I took over pill doze. I took 1 softgel and felt normal right away. Linda, California
"I was extremely depressed for two weeks. I took one softgel and within an hour my depression was gone. Now, I continue to take it before I play any sports to boost up my athletic power, mental alertness, vision and general health. It practically does everything."
Sam, California.


"I would like to tell you my story and hope you know someone who could benefit from my experience. I am 39 years old, married with a 5 five old daughter. Two years ago I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Six inches of my large intestine was removed. In June 1998, I was advised by three, doctors that the cancer metastasized and I had 3 to 18 months to live. My vision was blurred and had to give up driving and losing weight very fast. By August cancer cells spread to brain. I was down to 88 pounds from 115 pounds, could not eat, could hardly see, and I prescribed Morphine to kill the pain. I started taking, SERUMBELLA™, a herbal dietary supplement, immediately I noticed large amount of mucous with my feces and started to have circulation restored in my fingers and toes and began to eat a little without vomiting. After 3 weeks of taking 2 softgels 3 times a day, I regained my vision, gained 6 pounds, and I was able to drive our truck again. I also began to clean our house and our front yard, and found that the lymphnode on my neck was reduced to about 50% in size. My husband was shocked I told him I would like to drive again. Since I was prescribed Morphine only to kill the pain, I can only assume that the reason I am alive and feeling better is because of SERUMBELLA™ and my faith in God. My husband and I are very happy and hoping that this is God way to give another chance to see my five-year-old daughter grow to adult. I am hoping SERUMBELLA™ is The Miracle of God I have been praying for.

I will continue to inform you of my progress."

Mrs.. Hardy, California


"I was diagnosed as schizophrenic more than eight year ago. I tried to commit suicide once and was on medication for more than eight years. When mother used the telephone at NOVUS OPTIMUM LAB one day, she saw The Brain Sharpener™.#153 My mother bought a one box of Brain Sharpener on a Sunday. I started taking it on Monday, by Tuesday I felt good, stable and I discontinued my medication.
After taking it for a month I feel completely normal and happy.
Thank you for The Brain Sharpener™."
Tania, California.

Improved Sex Life

I am a 51-year-old male, married, and have two children. The first time I took one SECRET PLEASURE PLUS™ I noticed my energy increased with 30 minutes. Three days later I was amazed with my bedtime performance. I lasted much longer than usual. My wife was smiling ear to ear the next day. Now, my wife is taking it also every other day. We are very happy with PROLONG ECSTASY PLUS™. It makes us stronger and healthier. Art, California


I drank quite a bit at my brother's birthday and the next day I had a throbbing headache. I took 2 SERUMBELLA™ and within 20 minutes my headache had vanished."

Phil, California

I went drinking with my buddy and when I woke up the next day my head was about to explode. I popped 1 SERUMBELLA™ softgels in my mouth and in 20 minutes, my headache went away."

Bob, California.

"The next morning after heavy drinking I had a bad case of headache. I took 1 SERUMBELLA™ and within 20 to 30 minutes, I felt great."
Steve, California

Post Menstrual Syndrome: Migraine Headaches, Bloating, and Irritable.

"I am twenty-nine, and I had a very bad case of PMS and high blood pressure. I am usually very irritable and experience migraine headaches one week before my period. I usually miss 2 days of work. My doctor prescribed me Fioricet, but it only helped temporarily and did not eliminate my problem. After taking SERUMBELLA™ for 3 weeks, all of my PMS symptoms and migraine headaches vanished. Also, my blood pressure is normal, my memory improved, I am no longer irritable and I feel confident and happier."

Cleo, California

"I bought a box of SERUMBELLA™ and before I finished the box I noticed the pains in my hands were gone, I do not have the bloating, headaches, and irritability before my period comes. I also notice I sweat heavier when I exercise and my memory improved."

Aida, California

Energy / Exhaustion

"I have been exhausted for the last 4 years because of my two jobs. One day my friend gave me a softgel called The Brain Sharpener™ . To my surprise, within 45 minutes I was alert and lively and the exhaustion was gone. Somehow the pill makes me feel happy and confident. I bought 10 boxes for my relatives I am taking it every day."

Yuen, California

"I was diagnose with chronic fatigue syndrome. My doctor recommend THE ENERGIZER™. I was surprised that in less than 1 hour I had plenty of energy."

Gayle, Arizona


"I had bad Cold/Cough for over 2 weeks. I was miserable. I tried the pill and in few minutes I felt my sinus opened up. On the third day my Cold/Cough was over."

Joel, Ohio

"I am thankful I was introduced to The Brain Sharpener™ I had taken numerous supplements and The Brain Sharpener™ is the only product I can honestly feel the difference within a couple of hours. I felt an uplifted spirit and mental clarity. The combination of The Brain Sharpener™ and OPTIMUM VITALITI™ is very powerful. I feel very comfortable in recommending it to my friends."

Jim, California

Cardiovascular Problem

"I am a 55 year old male and had recently underwent angioplasty procedure. I am taking on several medications, had an enlarged heart and heart palpitations. After I started taking SERUMBELLA™ my heart palpitations went away, my energy came back, my memory improved and I am no longer constipated."

Benny, California

"My mother was 9 prescriptions to heart problem but her bloated like a balloon. Mr friend recommended that I have her try the BRAIN SHARPENERTM. In 4 weeks her bloating was reduced tremendously and can walk better."

Justin, Minnesota

Cerebral Palsy

"I am 18 years old, in a special twelfth-grade class, because of congenital birth defects. I could not use or raise my right hand, and I had difficulty memorizing and read well. I started taking The Brain Sharpener™ the end of July. I noticed after one week I was able to use my right hand and lift it up in the air. I can read and memorize now. My teacher told me I do not mumble any more. I would like to learn to drive and I would like to be a secretary someday."

Hershey, California

"I took one SERUMBELLA™ and I am extremely impress with the result. My energy practically doubled, my mind cleared up and alert. I believed, SERUMBELLA™ is very good for an individual who is phlegmatic."
Hair Formula: Hair loss slow Down after 3 weeks. On the second bottle, I am seeing hair growth already. Elaine, California My Mom is 89 with Alzhiemer. She is functional now because of the brain food. Barbabra, Missouri My doctor in China told me I will have Stomach Ulcers for the rest of my life. He is wrong. I do not have it anymore because of Novus product. Lee Chou, China I have no more tremors. The brain food is the answer to my praying. Nancy, California

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