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prolong ecstasy


Natural and Herbal
This is not Viagra but Herbal Alternative to Superb Performance


prolong ecstasy

Proprietary Blend - Ayurvedic & Chinese plant extracts. No sugar, artificial flavor, preservatives, lactose or yeast.

Take 1 softgel on an empty stomach or for best results take it 2 hour before before bedtime or expected physical activity or as directed by a medical practitioner. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their medical practitioner before using this product.

30 Softgels (1800 mg)

Food Supplement For:
  • Increase Sex Stamina & Satisfaction
  • Aging Prevention
  • General Health

    Warning: Men Over 50 Years May Experience Erection Unplanned Erection

You may last much longer
than 2 minutes.

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Patent Pending

Home Product Selector Price List - Order Form inquiry

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