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Ephedra (Chinese name Ma Huang) - Learn About The Danger Before Taking It.
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Copied form Washington Post
  • May 1995, a 35-year old woman who was taking no other prescription or over-the-counter medications began to use a dietary supplement containing ephedrine for weight loss. She used the supplement within the dosage recommended on the label for approximately 30 days, discontinued use of the supplement while on a one-week vacation, then resumed the usual dosage when she returned on June 24, 1995. On June 25, she experienced chest pain, diaphoresis and shortness of breath. She was immediately taken to the hospital and diagnosed as having a heart attack, despite the fact that cardiac catheterization indicated normal cardiac function and normal coronary arteries. She had no history of cardiovascular risk factors. She was advised to discontinue the use of her dietary supplement and thereafter did not experience any additional cardiac-related symptoms. On February 12, 1996, a 30-year old female started taking an ephedrine dietary supplement which also contained caffeine. As part of her diet program, she was also taking another diet product which contained caffeine. She immediately experienced manic symptoms and insomnia. Within a week, she started to hear voices and she exhibited bizarre behavior. On February 23, 1996, she was admitted to the psychiatric ward of the medical center for 10 days. She was diagnosed as having ephedrine induced psychosis. She had no history of any psychiatric condition prior to her admission to the hospital. After her symptoms of psychosis resolved, she was treated for depression for 9 months.
  • On August 17, 1995, a 38-year old woman experienced a number of seizures upon the intake of an ephedrine dietary supplement. Her last seizure was so severe, she required respiratory assistance. She experienced additional seizures between August 19 and 22. She was hospitalized for monitoring, treated with anti-seizure medication and diagnosed with onset of tonic-clonic seizures with complex partial seizures. Other possible causes of seizures were excluded. She was discharged and advised to avoid any medications containing ephedrine, pseudo-ephedrine or related drugs. Since discontinuing the use of the product, she had no additional seizures.

The Nutrient Courier
Essential Fatty Acids - The Nutrient Courier

A Long Chain of Carbon Molecules with Acid Group on one end:

Essential for:

Essential Fatty Acids, known as phospholipids, envelop the body's cellular membrane and determine the fluidity and integrity of the cell membrane. They are transformed into a regulatory compound, called Prostaglandin, one of a group of fatty acids naturally produced in the body and act similar to hormones, present in most vital organs and tissues of the body.

Deficiency of essential fatty acids cause:

Essential Fatty Acids deficiencies are associated with more than 50 health conditions, such as:
Alzheimer's, Dementia, Neurological Disease
Arthritis, Cartilage Destruction, Joint Inflammation and Pain
Autoimmune Disorders
Cardiovascular Disease, Chest Pain
Crohn's Disease
Eye and Vision Disorders
Fatigue, Lack of Energy and Endurance
Frequent Colds and Viral Infections
High Blood Pressure
Mutiple Sclerosis
Kidney Disorders
Skin Disorders, Dry Hair and Cracked Nails
Plus many more

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